Strategic Management: Formulation and Implementation

Configurational Approach To Organizational Analysis

The term "organizational configuration" is used to denote any multidimensional constellation of conceptually distinct characteristics that commonly occur together.

One of the fundamental conceptual issues that arise when modeling configurational theories is the interpretation of the organizational configurations they identify.

Two excellent examples of configurational theories that have enjoyed widespread popularity but mixed or limited empirical support are Mintzberg's theory of organizational structure (1979, 1983) and Miles and Snow's theory of strategy, structure, and process (1978).

These researchers have examined how organizations enact and modify their environments through the selection of and changes in strategy, and how those strategic choice are related to organization design. Finally, they argue, that consistency between strategy and structure, is necessary for effective performance.

A key difference between the two theories is that Minztberg does not describe his ideal types in terms of strategic attributes.