Strategic Management: Formulation and Implementation

The Nature Of Leadership

Leadership is a basic requirement of all managers. Good leadership may be critical to organizational performance. Indeed, organization would be less efficient without leaders, and, in extreme cases, they would be unable to accomplish purposeful goals.

What Is Leadership?

Many definitions of leadership have been offered, but most definitions emphasize the concept of influence. Thus, leadership is the process whereby one person influences other members toward a goal. More specifically,

Leadership is an attempt at influencing the activities of followers to willingly cooperate through the communication process and toward the attainment of some goal or goals
Edwin A. Fleishman - "Twenty Years of Consideration and Structure"

This definition implies that leadership involves the use of influence and that all relationships can involve leadership. The source of the influence may be formal, such as that provided by the possession of managerial rank in an organization, or may provide leadership with such formal designation (informal leader). A second element in the definition involves the importance of the communication process.