Strategic Management: Formulation and Implementation

Phase Two Of Strategic Change

Implanting change
Implanting a change is the process of putting into place so that chances of reversals are minimized. This process can be subdivided into three stages:
What characterizes the adoption stage is an escalating sense of irrevocability. As readiness increases, the adoption of the required changes will proceed, provided that various lastminute obstacles do not interfere.
Reinforcement is essential in speeding the process along and minimizing the chances of relapse. A major problem at this stage is that changes that have been tentatively adopted may fail because they are not properly supported and reward.
Strategic change in a business is an ongoing process. This ongoing attention is necessary both to reinforce change and to ensure that the organization keeps pace with changes in the environment. Therefore, senior management must continuously and sensibly raise the sights of the organization and build in the values, competence, and mechanisms that will support flexibility over time.